Technology and digital transformation consulting, utilising the power of digital transformation in order to deliver value to companies and stakeholders through efficient, agile and highly responsive technology stacks using big data, machine learning, ai, microservices architecture and workflow and decision automation models.


We consult industries on their technological needs and digital transformation policies

We offer technology-driven digital transformation services using the latest proven technologies that could reduce operational costs for incumbents as well as disruptors entering the space by using big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and by automating workflows and decisions through distributed systems, allowing companies to scale and handle customer demands.

Fintech Consultancy

We provide technology and software consulting for fintech startups at all stages of development, from pre-seed idea to business maturity, ranging from regulatory and compliance to high throughput, high frequency execution and trading systems.

InsureTech Consulting

We offer technology and software consulting for Insuretech startups as well as existing insurers and re-insurers at any stage of business, from the pre-seed idea stage throughout the business maturity, from sandbox, regulatory and compliance changes, to cross-border data exchanges and challenges.

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