Technologies powering and revolutionising the way insurers, re-insurers and insuretech companies insure and underwrite policies.


We help insurance companies innovate and transform their business digitally

One of the key frontiers that is experiencing disruption through digital innovation and technological change.

With the ongoing compliance challenges and market risk, insurers must adapt and change the way they operate.

Transformation is pivotal to this industry, which somewhat lags behind its financial service counterparts, and disruption and innovation are the keys to the success of incumbents going forward into the future as it's ever increasingly more challenging to navigate the unpredictable and risks such as the global pandemic.

Infinniti has an agile approach to problems and a robust digital development capability that is capable of prototyping solutions backed by a sandbox roll out in order to assess the product engagement, in order to be able to adapt and deliver based on dynamic business requirements and create a level playing field between the incumbent insurers, re-insurers and the insurtechs.

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