Financial Services

Technologies that power and revolutionise the way banks and financial services operate by automating processes in order to reduce and eliminate friction and cost and increase shareholder value.

Financial Services

We help financial services companies to innovate and tranform their business digitally

Financial services are at the heart of all economies, providing infrastructure that would aid economic growth and development across all industries and one that is subject to continuous change from a regulatory viewpoint to business changes and requirements. It is critical for financial services to embrace change, adapt and deliver a robust working environment that delivers to the changing needs and complexities of the market.

The financial services industry is by far the most regulated industry, which is constantly evolving due to changes in legislation governing the health of money and the flow of money, which create an unprecedented level of risk and pressure on financial services companies to mitigate the risk and maintain market share while ensuring compliance throughout.

Infinniti understands the unique challenges faced by financial services companies, including asset managers, fund managers, financial institutions, and fintech companies both within the B2B and B2C spaces, and takes an agile approach to deliver bespoke solutions to every layer of the business.

Financial services companies we work with

We work across the financial services vertical, which consists of asset management, fund management, financial institutions, and fintechs. We have the industry knowledge and experience in order to deliver tailored solutions and services, addressing the challenges the sector experiences as a whole on a cross-border basis.

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